Jeff Goodrich

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One of the top ten LDS songs wasn’t written by a big-name LDS artist, or by a man who even considers himself a musician at all. In fact, in 1974, high school senior Jeff Goodrich wrote “I Heard Him Come” for a seminary devotional assignment the night before it was due.

“I just presented it for the seminary class and our teacher liked it,” he says. His teacher and fellow students liked it so much the teacher copied the lyrics on a mimeograph machine, and they learned the catchy tune by memory because Goodrich didn’t have it written in notation. From there, his fellow seminary students performed the song at various church functions, where the tune caught on, getting the attention of popular LDS artists.

“A year or two later when I was on my mission, people started to do different arrangements of it,” Goodrich says. “The first big break for ‘I Heard Him Come’ probably came when Afterglow recorded it.” In 1989, 15 years after Goodrich had written the song, he got a phone call from Jackman Music, who had heard different versions and wanted to copyright it and have Goodrich finally record it himself.

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